Veteran’s Day

robert 1I never really know how to celebrate Veterans Day. Yes, my husband was a veteran, as was my dad. They both fought for their country and for our freedom.

Daddy came back from the Korean Conflict. Even tho many, many people lost their lives fighting there, it wasn’t even deemed a war. Just a conflict. He carried a star covered in blood in his wallet till the day he died. He would take it out and look at it and cry. He never knew the man that wore it on his uniform, he just knew that that man died fighting for his country. Fighting for what he thought was the right thing. Just like the Americans thought they were fighting for their rights. Their freedom. Our freedom.

My husband, Robert, fought in the Viet Nam War. He was doing his duty as a service man, but when he came back he was spit on and called horrendous names. Robert was the kindest, most gentle person I have ever met. He came back a changed person. He was skittish and when a loud boom who go off, he would jump under anything he could find. That took years to get over. You couldn’t touch him when he was asleep unless you wanted to get smacked. He would come up fighting. He never really talked about what he had seen in Viet Nam, not to me anyway. He would talk to my Dad, they could commiserate. They had both been thru hell.

I guess what I am trying to say is….yes, be proud of our veterans. Give them thanks for your freedom. But make sure you thank them all…even the ones that fought in wars that nobody liked. Remember how much they gave of themselves, some never returned to the lives they had before. Some finally put what they had seen in the backs of their minds and live a decent life.

And while we are remembering our veterans, try and remember the families of those men and women….the ones that go to bed at night not knowing if their family member will come home whole or if at all. Remember the children that say goodbye to their Mom’s and Dad’s . Freedom comes at a cost…some of us pay more dearly than others.

I love you Robert and miss you everyday…I love you Daddy and miss you too.