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The Small Town Lifestyle

ByHarold Cooper

Feb 7, 2020
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The small town lifestyle offers a balance of personal freedom and community service. Homeowners are closer to their neighbors and offer a sort of trust and respect that other communities cannot. For most people, living in a small town environment is not at all common. There are many disadvantages to this kind of lifestyle but one main advantage that make it so popular is the energy provided by working with your hands.

You can experience more freedom in a small town lifestyle. As a person you have more time to care for yourself, whether it’s shopping or a hobby or family life. There are no obligations to do business with other homeowners or even to buy a home. When you do own a home there are no obligations, either.

Homeowners in tiny home communities enjoy the community atmosphere, but there are also freedom and the opportunity to work on your own schedule. The downside to owning a small house is the lack of security. You are responsible for your own mortgage and if you have children, you can expect some difficulties when they are teenagers.

Many small town communities only cater to the residents of these types of communities.

This means that if you have children, you can expect them to be registered with the school district, which means that they are required to go to school during school hours and leave at certain times of the day. If you own a home, you may not be required to pay for this extra expense.

There is freedom when it comes to living alone in your own time and being able to plan activities for yourself. Having a house offers a sense of security but without the responsibilities.

The small lifestyle has its advantages.

The benefits of owning a home are not as great as the benefits of being able to work from home or even working at a job during the day and then having the flexibility to get away to do other things. Also, when it comes to buying a home, your money is still going towards paying off the mortgage and other payments on the property.

Although it may seem like a tiny town lifestyle isn’t right for everyone, there are those who thrive in the lifestyle. It might not be easy, but you are working from home and you can find a work at home job that meets your needs. If you do have children, you may not be allowed to get away too much or to go out, but you are getting to see your kids from time to time and can pick up some lessons on parenting from them.

You will learn that working with your hands is a very important part of having a small town lifestyle. You have to be patient and have to learn to delegate. Some people get discouraged, thinking that it is too hard to live in a small town and stay motivated to do things, but with persistence you can accomplish what you want in a small town.

As with many things in life, the benefits of living in a small town lifestyle are multifaceted. Not having a large household and still being able to maintain the lifestyle can make for a great difference in the quality of life.

Life is difficult, but there are many positives to living in a small town.

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  • The benefits of living in a small town lifestyle can be very rewarding.
  • The small town lifestyle is something that most people can’t avoid but it is something that every home should consider if it is important to them.