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What are the Features of Microsoft Exchange Server?

ByWhitney Spears

May 17, 2021
Wimberly Texas

Microsoft Exchange Server is a web-based e-mail, calendar, contact and task management platform. It is usually deployed on the Windows Server machine (OS) for commercial usage. Microsoft developed the Exchange Server as an integrated platform for sharing mailboxes, calendars and tasks among multiple users. Exchange Server helps in managing multiple mailboxes or mail servers.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2008 is a data interchange protocol (DTP) server. DTP servers are capable of connecting to Active Directory database, Microsoft SQL Server database, and Microsoft Access database. Microsoft Exchange Server also supports other data storage and management tools such as Microsoft SharePoint. Microsoft SharePoint can be accessed through a web browser. In addition to these, there are other tools such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics SL, Microsoft Business Portal, Microsoft Intuit eConnect

Microsoft Exchange Server offers various functionalities, which make it a very useful choice for organizations.

The major advantage of using this service is that all messages and data are synchronized between the applications in the email and the CRM database. When a user sends an email message, the message is automatically sent to the appropriate mailbox. Similarly, a person can post a new message on the web page by using Microsoft SharePoint or he can make a local file available on the SharePoint or local directory. If a user wants to perform some operation outside the organization, he can do so by going to a web page hosted by the service provider.

Microsoft Exchange Server also provides two main models of operation:

physical and virtual. Virtual exchange environment is created with the help of Microsoft Virtual Machines. On the other hand, physical network service model provides network services such as remote access, mailboxes, calendars, contacts, tasks, events and many more. Now-a-days Microsoft 365 delivers a great solution for businesses and individuals through their web portals. The company claims to offer the most convenient way of managing business needs. With the help of this web portal users can access the entire database and handle the tasks from anywhere around the world.

Microsoft Exchange Server comes with excellent features such as: centralized administration, multi-user and multi-tenancy permissions, multiple access authorization with user permission set-ups, full database availability groups, multi-site connectivity, and many more. Microsoft 365 continues to evolve with time. Now-a-days it comes with some new solutions like Microsoft Project Server, Microsoft 365 Premier, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics SL and Microsoft Business Portal. Microsoft 365 offers the most flexible and convenient way of managing work while reducing costs. It also provides improved functionality and increased flexibility for information management and business process modeling. Here we will discuss the benefits of using Microsoft 365:

Manage Your Project – With Microsoft 365 you can access your databases and Project folders regardless of the location you are in. You can have your data on different copies of your hard disks and still access them through any network connection. With Microsoft Exchange Server you can easily manage your projects from any location. It also allows you to manage your subscriptions, contacts, mailing lists and tasks from any computer that has an Internet connection.

SharePoint – With Microsoft 365 you get a robust solution for e-commerce. Microsoft SharePoint is a rich web application that provides powerful social browsing experiences, business application and document management functionality, and much more. This application includes various formats like text, graphics, Rich Text Format (rtf), Office Word (.Doc), Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt), and others. These applications make it easier to share important information and collaborate with other people. Microsoft SharePoint also helps you to manage your files, documents and other items in your digital library.

  • The benefits that you will get by integrating Exchange Server with SharePoint also depends upon the availability of other Microsoft Exchange Services or MS Exchange Foundation.
  • With such integration your e-business will be well placed and be ready for any kind of growth.
  • If your company is looking for cost effective and efficient solutions then try out a SharePoint and Microsoft Exchange Server combination.
  • It will definitely prove to be beneficial for both the parties.