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Why VoIP is the Hot Thing in Tech

ByTony Hingecliff

Mar 22, 2021
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VoIP is the buzzword in IT circles these days as companies everywhere are looking for ways to reduce their IT budgets. A business VoIP telephone service provides telephone communications to consumers over the internet, rather than over the public phone lines of a company’s internal department. Business VoIP telephone services are rapidly advancing in terms of technology and tend to not need much in the way many businesses are also finding it more cost effective to switch their communication systems over to VOIP services rather than procuring a new system and spending additional funds on it. Many of the current internet-based voice communication systems offer very low monthly rates with free long distance calls. Switching over to a VoIP provider can potentially save a company thousands of dollars per year. Lowering the overhead associated with long distance and international calling can provide immediate cash savings.

One of the biggest benefits of VoIP is its minimal effect on the user’s overall latency.

Latency is the delay between signals that are transmitted from a device to one end of a network. The longer the latency, the slower the rate of communication. For example, when someone is surfing the Internet, they may experience a moderate latency or high jitter in certain locations around the world. Longer latencies will cause the video to slow down or even experience a loss of audio quality.

With a high latency and high jitter in certain locations, you might think that switching over to a VOIP service would be a very costly process. However, this is not the case. Many VoIP providers offer plans that feature very low start up fees, often less than the cost of using a standard internet connection. This low monthly fee goes directly into your monthly account balance making VOIP an affordable option.

Another advantage to switching to a VOIP service is the location tracking options it provides. It is possible for you to receive accurate latency and jitter measurements over the internet connection that is attached to your devices. This allows for precise location awareness which can prove valuable if you are an employee that travels frequently from location to location. Companies such as AT&T are already offering location tracking through their acquisition of Neat, but you can enjoy even greater benefits by going with a top-notch VoIP provider.

Some companies have also started to utilize VoIP services to track employee productivity.

By using a free VoIP service such as RingCentral, an organization can obtain real-time measurements of how employees are interacting with each other using online discussion boards, file-sharing tools, and white boarding tools. A high-resolution camera is also used in some instances to obtain even more detailed information about a specific employee. All of these benefits are only the beginning of the benefits that can be realized by switching to a VoIP service over traditional methods of location-based communications.

The ability to receive free voice quality calls is just the beginning. An organization’s overall productivity can greatly increase when the implementation of a good VoIP service is made. The ability to place voice calls over the internet has proven to be extremely useful for companies and the people on the other end of the line. You no longer have to worry about poor sound quality, dropped connections, long phone lines, or dropped emails.

  • The next time you are planning a major business switch, consider a VoIP phone system instead.
  • For a small outlay, you can experience all of the above-discussed advanced features.
  • You can also enjoy free unlimited internet access, with no additional charges for roaming.
  • A quality VoIP phone system offers all of the functionality necessary for a smooth transition.