van high school stadium

Homecoming Parade

Van High School Band

What a lovely evening here in Van, Texas. Cars and people lined Highway 110 leading to the new Van High School Stadium. The annual Homecoming parade was on it’s way.

The children lining the highway were thrilled when the first firetruck blasted it’s horn and siren. The parade was heading our way. We could hear the band playing, the cheerleaders yelling and the music was blaring! There were people parked in the church parking lots, at Hilliards Funeral Home and at New way convience store. The highway fairly crackled with excitement.

With the lights on the fire truck swirling and blinking, first came the Van High School Vandal Marching Band! The drums were beating out the rythm and the horns were swaying to the beat! Next came the cheerleaders, yelling their little lungs out! HAPPY HOMECOMING were the cheers along with GO VANDALS!!

Van High School Drill TeamNext came the drill team…in all their red and white finery! Prancing and strutting down the highway. Then came the football players with their hulking forms throwing candy and beads to the kids along the way.

The Homecoming float had the Queen and her court, smiling and waving to everyone. Kids were laughing , old folks were reliving their youth…it was truely an amazing sight.

There were floats from all different things that make up Van , Texas. The oilfield was represented,a lighted derrick with oilfield workers, young and old. The Van High School  Lady Vandal Volleyball team were showing their spirit. The United Methodist Church had a sweet float with members of the church throwing candy and waving at old friends along the route.A group of children from the grade school represented all the Little Vandals.

The Van High School 2010 Seniors were all decked out in the Vandals T-shirts…..the Van Soccer Association were there…..and 30 motorcycles revved their engines. The last big fire truck blared it’s horn  and with lights flashing the Van High School Homecoming parade passed us by and  ended the way it began.

Van High School Football TeamAs I sit here munching on some of the candy that was thrown, I realise what a good life is to be had in small town Texas. Where most of the town turns out on a Thursday night to watch and cheer on the Home Town team and watch their children, grandchildren and even some great grand children in a parade.